Bonnie Wallace Original Songs

Adam Graham (1995)

I carried you long enough to know

That I loved you like the rest

I looked forward to the day when I’d look on your face

When you came too early and they took you away

Through my tears, Jesus helped me to say

I believe you’re happy

In a land that’s free from pain

I believe, little boy

I’m going to see you again

Heaven is closer

Part of us is already there

Knowing this makes it easier to bear

(second ending)

Knowing Jesus makes life easier to bear

When all your dreams come tumbling down

We may wonder, “Is God around”?

But He said He’d never leave

I found that’s it’s true

When your heart is aching

A loved one’s gone away

Through your tears, Jesus can help you to say

Adam Graham (1995)​ Dedicated to our son who miscarried at 14 weeks, we got to hold him in our hands and he was so beautiful and complete.