In a typical adult presentation, Bonnie may lead in worship with a varied selection of original and familiar songs with the aid of PowerPoint (depending on the type of event).

   Her music ranges from modern worship to contemporary Christian, and is often supplemented by tasteful humor, as well as personal testimonies. Bonnie plays the 12 string guitar along with some studio sound tracks.

   Several solo songs are visualized with multi-media on a large screen. Thought-provoking lyrics and spirited instrumentation, display the message of hope and faith in God.

   While she is singing, Jerry draws a large picture with chalk or an airbrush (examples below) and concludes with a message geared to the nature of the event (if the program is at night a black light picture could be a part of the picture), concluding with an invitation to respond to Jesus. (Average length of program 45 - 90 minutes)

As visiting evangelists, they will not use your platform as a opportunity to express their personal convictions nor will we contradict any particular teachings or traditions that your church adheres to.  See What We Believe


The Wallaces Home Church Pastor

"We have appreciated Bonnie's worship leading ability and Jerry's unique message revelation through word and in art." 

     Rev. Bruce North Senior Pastor of Harmony Community Church, Evangelical Missionary Church

   Bonnie has experience in leading worship in churches, camps and conferences in both adult and children's settings. As a home school mother of six children, she has also been asked to be a guest speaker and soloist. Her music covers a vast range of styles including contemporary Christian, traditional and original worship, and is often supplemented by tasteful humour, as well as personal testimonies.

Bonnie's Music Ministry


13 contemporary adult worship songs

all written by Bonnie 

Bonnie's NEW

 Reach for the Son CD 

The absolute fun worship video song "Praise You" with Bonnie's three siblings and cartoon pictures by Jerry.

Watching the picture evolve from a blank canvas to a beautiful painting as Bonnie sings is a captivating experience for young and old.