Why advertise?

Publicity and advertising are essential part of an effective outreach. Yet research has shown that very few will attend because of advertising alone. However, good publicity and advertising will set the stage for your church people to invite their friends and neighbors. Whenever, the people of a church take an active role in reaching out to their neighbors in advance by praying, witnessing and promoting, then the results can be exciting. The more excited people become, the more likely they will want to be involved. Let the church know something exciting is about to happen.

Some Advertising Tips

​Posters: You can down load our  poster and bulletin insert from our web site. Click on the below poster for a PDF that you can print from or send to a Staples or print shop. You can also order posters from us and we will send by mail for $1.00 each.

  Keep in mind when putting up posters most stores don’t want too big of posters on their bulletin boards 81/2 x11 are best, but big ones are great for your own church.

(The posters, by themselves, will not bring scores of kids to the event. They do not effectively supplement the other promotional actions. Don’t depend on the posters to do it all.)

Social Media. Use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote your event to your contacts and throughout the church. Encourage them to promote it to their contacts. ​​

Email: Use the email info on the advertising page and send out to your church family.

Ask parents to do your advertising. Ask them to forward your VBS information onto as many families as possible. It takes no money and little effort to hit "forward", and dedicated parents will happily do this. It resembles "word of mouth advertising," which is still viewed as best.

​Facebook: Post your event with brief details, copy one of the posters and put it up on your page.

Direct Mailing: Your local post office can tell you the exact routes. They need to be bundled in 50-100 lots with elastics. They should be mailed out at least two weeks in advance.

Local newspapers: These can be given the news release (NEWS RELEASE) in PDF. This is a free service, papers use for interesting upcoming events. They should have it at least two weeks in advance. They may or may not use it.

Your local Christian bookstore-ask if you can put up posters or leave a stack of small flyers.

Your people: The flyers in the hands of your people are by far the most effective way of advertising. Door to door invitation gives it a personal touch. The gospel of Mark records an illustration of good publicity of a man Jesus healed of leprosy. The man “went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter”.



for a News Paper​

Below posters are in black and white for photo copiers and lazer printers

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 Children's Service


Adult Family Christmas Service

Children's Christmas Service

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