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With the favorite "Father Cares" 

On our way from Antigua, January 2007, thousands of miles in the air, I was comforted with Psalm 66:9 which tells us how God holds us in life. Later that year, the Lord gave me this song that expresses the truth that not only does my Savior hold me when I’m flying through the skies, but every day, for my whole life!

All Day Long

I woke up this morning and I did not want to get out of bed

I opened my eyes, then I pulled the covers over my head

There’s too many things too heavy to bear

And I don’t know what to wear

Then I remember

I remember

You hold me

You have me in the palm of Your hand

You love me

You listen to me

You give me a song

So I will sing with you

All day long

People may disappoint me, and my heart feels the pain

I long for sunshine, but there’s only persistent rain

Who can I trust?

Where can I go?

Sometimes the oars are heavy to row

Then I remember

I remember

(1st verse and background vocal by April Tomen)