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Bonnie has experience in leading worship in churches, camps and conferences in both adult and children's settings. As a home school mother of six children, she has also been asked to be a guest speaker and soloist.

Her music covers a vast range of styles including contemporary Christian, traditional and original worship, and is often supplemented by tasteful humor, as well as personal testimonies.

Her hope and prayer is that lives are touched by the music and her words, seeds are planted in hearts young and old, the gospel is delivered, and that people experience the love of God.

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A Teenager's Testimony

A young woman with her little family approached Bonnie obviously excited and exclaimed "About 15 years ago you were here at this camp and I was a young counsellor who was involved with a man who was not a believer. You sang a song about compromising in our relationships. The Lord spoke to me so real, I phoned up my boyfriend and told him I had to put God first in all of my life." She went on to say that later that very summer she met a fine Christian man who she is now married to.

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Reach for the Son

In March 2018 Bonnie was invited on CHRI Ottawa's Christian Radio to share her testimony and her new song "More Than Enough" on the radio show "Let's Talk Money" with financial advisers Dave and Rebecca VanNoppen of More Than Enough.  

Bonnie came to the Lord as a child at a Vacation Bible School and for several years she traveled coast to coast and sang with her Gospel singing family, the Singing Edwards. During these years, she developed her gifts of song writing and her love for making music.

13 Contemporary Songs written by Bonnie for adult worship 

Jerry's two top favorites: Track. 9 More than enough     Track 8. Lifelong Love Affair

Title track from the Reach for the Son recording

Bonnie also attended Bible School. Along with being the musical part of the program with Jerry, she has been called upon to lead worship and sing at many different functions, from festival, fairs, woman's meetings and senior's homes. She has also taught seminars on leading children in worship. Bonnie home schooled her children for 13 years.

A testimony received by Bonnie's Daughter

"Would you kindly express to your mother my thanks for her music. Sung from a heart of faith makes a great difference to worshipful music. I only knew one of her pieces, but soon sang along. A sign of a good worship leader.”

Rev. Andrew Stirling