One Day meetings (2 hour set up time)

Upon our arrival we need someone to meet us and to show us where to set up. We would appreciate the area where we will be ministering be clear of pulpit, communion table etc.

We Need To Know

-What ages we will be ministering to?

-Roughly how many?

-What type of audience?

ex. Sunday morning congregation.

What type of invitation you prefer?

Kneel at front

Stand at front

Raised hand

Prayer room

Will we have to move our equipment during our stay? ex. A basketball game right after. (Break down time is about 45 minutes with people to help carry equipment.)

P.A. Systems

We prefer to use our own system.

NOTE: Because of our equipment takes up most of the platform, screens on back walls used for projectors may be obstructed.

Product Sales:

Needed: 1 Long table (2' by 5') for product sales. Product table is to be set up in foyer or entrance/exit location. This area should be well lit and completely visible to the main flow of people traffic. No merchandise fees will be paid to the venue or to the sponsor.

Extra Meetings and Events

Please inform us a head of time of any other meetings or activities you may be planning for us as we will need to be prepared.

Booking Information

            Children's Meetings

AGE LIMITS Due to the fact that we teach in one large group we prefer children younger than a 4 year old be with a adult relative at all times. Many times younger children become distracted or are distracting to the older children.

​ADULT HELP IS NEEDED in premeeting

   We need a mature group of volunteers to help with discipline (See Workers Guide). One adult for every ten children is the minimum needed. Some of these should arrive early (30 minutes or more) to greet and register the children.

    ​​They then gather them someplace other than the sanctuary until it is time to begin. They should also be prepared to entertain the children with an organized activity.

   ​​ It is important to encourage the use of the washroom, and to discuss sanctuary dos and don’ts (no gum, no hats, no child holding another on their lap, sing, pay attention, etc.) during this period.


A couple of mature adults preferably females to escort children to the washroom. The adult should escort the child to the washroom and prop the door open and wait and return with the child. If a group of children want to go tell them only one at a time will be permitted. 

​See Workers Guide

To copy for each helper​

Food and Accommodations:

Sunday Services

Depending on the distance and time of the meeting we usually prefer to set up the evening before.

We would need accommodation for 2 people unless we notify otherwise

Food: Depending on arrival time we would appreciate a light lunch before set up time. Breakfast the next morning (toast, juice and coffee is fine) and if a lunch meal is not being served after the service and there is only one meeting, we usually pack up and head on. A restaurant invitation is open or money for a quick meal on the road.

​​Accommodations: We are not opposed to staying in peoples homes. Bed and Breakfast, Motel or hotel.