Poweful video graphics projected while Bonnie sings to professionally recorded studio sound tracks.

This depends on your type of event.

Possible options:

1. Adult only banquet. Usually after the meal for about 45 min. Bonnie leads in some projected carols and sings several specials and some fun Christmas quizzes while Jerry draws a blacklite chalk* drawing concluding with a short devotional and the lights turned off to show the glow in the dark picture (the below picture is of a black light chalk drawing) . See Adult Programs 

​2. A program with children present which is more animated with puppets, cartooning and a child friendly story concluding with a blacklite chalk drawing about 45 min. preferable before the meal as once children eat they are ready to run.  Some churches have us as a part of the children's Christmas program with a coffee snack time after (if you have a mid- week kids club involving theses children is a great way to get the parents out). They more likely to come to a event with their child than by themselves ex. to a adult banquet.

3. A Saturday morning Christmas Kids event with parents invited with lots of fun music, puppets, games, a couple of free airbrush T shirts, cartooning and a simple visualised Gospel message concluding with a child friendly meal (total time 2 hours). See Children's Programs

​4. Sunday morning/evening with more carol singing and specials, a short family friendly visualised *chalk drawing message.

​All the above are just suggestions and we can work with any ideas you might have.

​Adult banquet programs takes up less space while children's program usually require a full platform.

​​​*(Blacklite drawings can only be done if it is evening or the building is almost totally darkened)

"What a Christmas program would look like"

 Christmas Programs

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