Adventures In Art and Music DVD


1. God Made Everything Good

2. My God Is Big

3. Hayoo

4. Free As A Bird

(all songs have the words animated on the screen)

On this DVD, you'll find...


1.The Gospel

2. The Rescue


4. Ruby

5. Jesus

6. The Bully

This DVD is jam-packed with catchy songs,

​great stories and valuable spiritual lessons!

​Children will sit with eyes round as saucers as Pastor Jerry draws some of his favourite stories like:  Prince the runaway Pony, Dusty the Bully Dog and from the Bible , stories like Lost and Found and many others ...

Bonnie's upbeat songs will become sing along favourites and with the words on the screen, they are great for children's church programs and Sunday Schools.​​​

Recorded at Crossroads TV Studio in Hamiton for the CTS network children's program TruthQuake.

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​7. Lost and Found

8. Prince, the Prodigal Pony

9. Toby runaway Dog

10. Tomatoes

11. Heaven

12. Ready