Financial Honorarium

Wallace Ministries policy has always been to minister wherever they are invited without finances being the determining factor. The Wallaces' are faith missionaries, and as such, must raise their own support. It is through the generosity of God's people that they travel and do this ministry.

For programs where air travel is involved, the sponsoring host would pay the costs for round-trip tickets.

The automobile allowance rates for 2015
55¢ per kilometer for the first 5,000 kilometers driven; and 48¢ per kilometer driven after that.

1 Service: $350.00 + expenses

2-3 Services: $300.00 + expenses

4-6 Services: $200.00+ expenses

7 and over: $100.00 + expenses

This suggested honorarium is based on a 1-2 hour program.

The Wallaces do not make any pleas for money, nor do they handle any offerings and prefer that no undue emphasis for funds be made during the meetings.

Please make out all checks to Wallace Ministries. They prefer payment on the closing service.

The Wallace Ministry is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization.

All personal donations to this ministry are issued official tax deductible receipts.

 Some churches have asked us to give them a suggested honorarium guide, the one below has not changed in the last 10 years.