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God Said That

This phrase, taken from a devotional book I was reading, struck me with certainty. We can be confident that what God says He will do! Can we trust His word? Absolutely! Bonnie

God Said That

I will never leave you or forsake you

God said that

I will forgive all of your sins

God said that

I will walk with you every day

I will show you the right way

God said that

When God says something

You can know that it’s true

He will never, ever lie to you

His Word is solid, solid as a rock

He’s more dependable than a clock

Love your neighbour and be kind to your friends

God said that

Be willing to share and show that you care

God said that

If I wanna be smart, I will listen to Him

That’s the only way anybody can win

God said that

God said that, I believe it

God said that, I receive it

God said that - and that’s that!!

(background vocals - children’s choir, Debbie and Kaileigh Gallagher)