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Greatest Story

The Bible is a living history (written 2015)

Greatest Story

It’s the greatest story ever told

It’s the greatest mystery to unfold

God made man, placed him in perfection

Mankind chose to go his own direction

Oh no, what are we going to do?

Oh no, we are through

There was no hope for you and me


God sent His Son to save us

Oh, what a gift He gave us

If we believe, if we receive,

We will live

I love my Savior’s name

So glad that He came

I do believe, I do receive

That’s my story Amen

Stories can be old or new

Stories can be made up or true

Stories of the Bible are not fairy tales

They’re written so you and I will not fail

Oh yes, read it and see

Oh yes, it’s powerful to me

Contemporary catchy and upbeat sing along songs written by Bonnie for children of all ages