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More than mere entertainment,

the Wallace’s use their programs to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all ages.

 The Wallace’s are most comfortable with "family" audiences, and have extensive experience doing open-air concerts, coffee houses, retreats, church concerts and TV programs. Whatever the situation, the Wallace’s make an effort to be sensitive to the type of audience, while presenting a high quality music and art package in a professional manner; all without compromising a clear presentation of the simple Gospel message.

The Wallaces Home Church Pastor Rev. Bruce North says.

"They have a Christ centered ministry and minister with Spirit anointed passion whether it be in the area of child evangelism, art, music or preaching. We have appreciated Bonnie's worship leading ability and Jerry's unique message revelation through word and in art.

​Pastor D. Bruce North

​Ph. No. 613-774-5170

A variety of options available for your churches needs.

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Program Options

Children's / Family Service
Adult Worship Concert
Teacher Training Workshops 
Christmas Family Service
Vacation Bible Schools / Children's Camps
Seniors Programs

In a visual generation their approach is always well received.

Adult Art & Music Service