How to Draw Bible Cartoon Messages

For Sunday School and Children Workers, Teachers, Youth Workers,

Pastors and any one who has a desire to communicate God's Word

This book contains some ideas on how to illustrate God's Word. The illustrated words and pictures have been developed and used in over 30 years of ministry. They include some message notes and tips to help you present your talk. But you say, "I'm not artistic". This book is not designed for the artistic, the designs are simple, and with a little practice, your presentation will captivate audiences of all ages.

Below is an example of one of the cartoon words

First draw the letters noticing the specific shape.

During your talk you will draw in the picture part below.

Drawing Jesus is so much fun. Do you see the simple shapes that I use to make Him?

Other pages include

Adding Jesus to a Bible verse can make it more alive.

How to draw stick figures.

How to draw Jesus

Lots of variety for the whole year from Easter to Christmas

Jerry started using his art talent at a young age when his mother called upon him to illustrate stories in her Good News Bible Club held in her kitchen. He has been ministering to families with his wife, Bonnie, since 1979. Their unique blend of art and music has taken them across Canada and U.S., speaking in churches, camps, schools, and outdoor festivals. Pastor Jerry as he is known on the week day children*s T.V. show "Truth Quake* on the CTS network uses a airbrush to illustrate his stories.


​1. How to Prepare

2. Jesus word

3. How to draw Jesus

4 & 5. Faces and Expressions

6 & 7. Stick Figures

8.Good News Line Figures

9. Ladder Lettering

10 & 11. Ladder Lettering with Pictures

12. Half and Picture Lettering

13. Open Air Campaigners Style

14 & 15. Jesus Surprise Ending

​16. Cartoon Animals

17. Gospel word

18. Messiah word

19. Savior word

20. Heaven word

21. Missions word

22. Ready word

23. Santa word

24. Saved word

25. Bible word

26. Easter word

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