As I look out the window of the airplane and watch Haiti fade into the distance, I am so thankful to God for the opportunity Jerry and I had to visit these past two weeks.
Our first week was working with Children of Hope Haiti from Toronto. We were a team of 15 people that worked, prayed, sang and ate together. The sense of unity we shared was a precious gift. Children from all over Haiti came together for a Conference where they had computer classes, instructions in health, games and Bible lessons. 

In a few days, we were able to prepare meals, give shoes, school supplies, clothes, rice and more. Unfortunately, because of political unrest, the Conference was cut short and all the children who were visiting had to return home early.
However, we still had 51 children at the orphanage. They were not able to attend school, so we had bonus interaction time with these children. We even managed to facilitate a field trip to a local resort where the children could swim to their heart’s content! To witness their joy and gratitude was a delight.

  Most of the team left Friday, November 23, two days after their scheduled departure. They had to take an alternate route home, but Jerry and I had planned to stay longer to visit our missionary friends, Randall and Anita Sthals, so we were able to stick to our original plan and leave today, November 28.
Again, because of uncertain political conditions, we did not go far from the Sthals home, but we were able to assist them a little with their transition to a new home. It was a precious opportunity to pray, chat and worship together. The only “booking” we had was for Jerry to preach and me to sing at St. James church in Petionville, close to where the Sthals live.
As we soared above the clouds we asked each other what, indeed, was the highlight of our trip. For Jerry, it was hearing the children laugh when he drew their cartoon or told them a story. For me, it was to hear the children sing! No big surprises here!
To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Below is the Mission report from the Children of Hope Organization

3 1/2 minute video of our trip