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School Bus Driving and Children’s Ministry

How do bus driving and children's ministry relate to one another? I've been thinking about that - see what you think!

  Before we can minister to children, we must be in good working order. Our “Circle Check” should include examining ourselves and making sure that all is well between us and our Saviour.


   Another fact that has grabbed my attention is that I am not responsible for all of the young people in my town, only the ones assigned to my bus.  

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the needs of children in the world? I have, however, I can only be responsible for the children God gives me in my natural or church family or in my ministry. Perhaps we cannot sponsor all the children of the world, but we can support one or more children. We are only responsible for what we have been given. Thank God for His mercy! 

The first thing you do before driving a bus is a “Circle Check”. In this procedure, the bus driver makes sure that everything is in good working order. Check the oil, the tires, the brakes, the lights and more.  

I love the fact that I am not alone out there on the road. If I ever have a problem I cannot solve, all I have to do is contact base and they will tell me what to do. Sometimes I get the urge to sing a song on the two-way radio, but that hasn't happened yet!

May the Lord bless all the teams that come together to minister to children with unity as we all look to the Lord, who is our Captain and ultimate authority.

Safety, safety, safety. We do the circle check, we receive instruction from base, we stay alert and we stay on our assigned route all for the goal of having our young people either arrive home or arrive at school safely. The love God puts in our hearts for children causes us to go the extra mile, put in the hours and continue to reach out because the Father wants all His children home safe.

There are young people in our life that trust us to provide the spiritual nourishment they need. As a bus driver, I am amazed sometimes that while I am dealing with the weather and the traffic, I can look in my mirror and see that the youngpeople on my bus are not concerned about the dangers of driving; they are talking amongst themselves or even fast asleep! To be trusted with the spiritual care of anyone is not a light matter and yet, Jesus does indeed call us to this task. He said, "Feed my lambs ..." (John 21.15) He provides all the strength and anointing to follow through on this mandate. Praise His faithful name forever!

Do you want to drive a bus? They are always looking for new recruits! Do you want to minister to children? Again, there's room for you! Happy trails!! Bonnie

The Lord provided wonderful opportunities to share the Gospel in Beebe Quebec Day Camp, Brighton Pentecostal Church VBS, Yarker Free Methodist VBS, Napanee Free Methodist VBS and Teacher Training at Forest Baptist Church in Lambton Shores, Camp Iawah Family Retreat Westport, Wakefield Quebec Missionary Church Anniversary Service, Richmond Pentecostal Family Service, along with monthly children’s programs at Harmony Community church and New Hope Wesleyan in Winchester.

As well, with all the ways to support the mission of reaching children with the gospel, not everyone can support Wallace Ministries. Realizing this, we do not take one supporter for granted. We are thankful for every one of you who have chosen to help us with our task of reaching children with the gospel by praying, giving financially or sending notes of encouragement. It all means so much! It all matters!

We praise God for ….

Jennifer Wallace

Andrew Wallace

Matthew and Emeli Wallace with Kalon their son

John and Melody Debruick

Danfi and Amy Parker

Daniel and Candice Wallace

with sons Maverick and Locklin

As we reflect on 2016, we have much for which to be thankful, both personally and in our ministry. We invite you to share our joy! We praise God for ….

Opportunities to minister the Word of God to children in Ontario towns such as Forest, Belleville, Richmond, Winchester, Yarker and Napanee; in Beebe and Wakefield, Quebec as well.

For all the children who responded to the gospel or grew in their faith as a result of spending time in the presence of Jesus.

For members of our board, praying with us and giving guidance.

For Padgett Business Accounting Services and their help with record keeping.

For our newer vehicle, a 2012 GMC Acadia, big enough to pull our trailer and carry 7 people.

For safety over the many miles.

For freedom in Canada to continue to share the gospel!

For all the teams that worked together for each outreach, using their gifts of leadership, cooking, teaching, praying and singing!

For four special young ladies who traveled with us for a week to assist us, adding their youthful energy to our program!

For provision for all our physical needs, which include food, gas, vehicle repairs and shelter!

For the faithful presence of Jesus, filling us with ideas, discernment and direction for each unique service we conducted.

This young mother that came with her children to the neighbourhood VBS and was in tears as she won Pastor Jerry’s airbrush painting on the Parents night.

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For Jennifer's graduation from Redeemer University and taking her first teaching job in the community of Pikangikum, Ontario, for Amy and Danfi in Toronto, for Andrew's painting business in St. Catharines, for Daniel's ordination into ministry, for Candice, giving birth to our third grandson (Locklin Joshua, brother for Maverick Joseph), for Melody's marriage to John Drubiuk and for Matthew and Emeli's (and Kalon Adam) posting to the ministry of Camp Iawah, near Westport, Ontario!