Bonnie Wallace Reach for the Son CD 

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13 contemporary songs

written by Bonnie for adult worship 

 Background vocals:

1. Gonna Praise: with Bonnie's siblings Heather Steckley, Mark Edwards & April Joy

2. Scripture reading: Bonnie's youngest son Matthew and his wife Emeli with their son Kalon and Bonnie's son Daniels two sons Maverick and Locklin.

3. Praise You: Heather Steckley, April Joy & Mark Edwards.

4.Run to You: with Nanda Wubs & Patricia North.

5. What is the Cross?: with Rev. Thurland & Lorraine Brown.

6. Hope Under Heaven: with Jim & Gloria Rudenberg.

7. Reach for the Son: with Mark Edwards, Dave Daw's grandchildren Jovi, Cydni & Emery and Thurland Brown whistling.

8. Life long love affair: Dave and Kathy Daw of the Proverbs.

9. More than Enough: with Nanda & Patricia.

10. Holy Energy: with Carol Heymans.

11. No regrets: with April Joy.

12. Too wonderful for Words: with Patricia North & Nanda Wubs.

13. Holy is my Lord: with Patricia and Nanda Wubs.

14. Holy Oil: with Patricia North & Nanda Wubs.

​​Recorded, mixed and mastered at Summit Sound Studios in Westport, Ont.

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Digital download here

Praise You video song illustrated by Jerry