1. Sit in with the children.

2. Try to do the actions and sing along yourself and be the example.

3. Sit beside especially active children.

4. Rearrange the seating order if necessary

5. Firmly and lovingly discipline:
         The adult can help prevent unnecessary distractions by a kind hand on a shoulder
          or "Perhaps Suzy you can sit next to me." statement.

                 a. If children talk during the singing or announcements.
                 b. If they touch or strike each other.
                 c. If they are not paying attention.
                 d. If they act silly or show off.

6. Candy, toys, iPods, games etc.

    Should be put in a safe place where the child can see them or you will keep them in a safe container with you in the seat and tell them they can get it after meeting. Tell this will help prevent damage or being stolen. (valuable electronic games such
as iPods should be labelled with the child's name) don’t forget to return the item to the correct child.

Please do not...
1. Allow younger children to sit in with older siblings (if possible).
2. Allow any child to hold another on their lap.
3. Allow any child to leave early without a parent or assigned escort.
4. Allow children on the sanctuary platform because of the expensive equipment.

Thank you for volunteering your time.

We pray Gods richest blessings upon you for your willingness to help.
Jerry and Bonnie