Prayer is the greatest priority

D.L. Moody remarked that "every work of God can be traced to some kneeling form".

We must pray that the Holy Spirit to softens peoples hearts and prepares the soil for the good seed.

We of the Wallace ministries realize more than ever our need for prayer and for a prayer team to support us. We are looking for a group of people that believe in prayer, love to pray and love this ministry to children enough to say, "Yes, please count me in!" It is our desire to have this team of people to share with more consistently and thus strengthen our prayer support.

The need for children's ministry is greater than ever.

       ​​This last year we've seen sweet victories, but have experienced more resistance than ever before. We are aware that we cannot do this alone. Therefore, we ask you consider this prayer ministry. If you are not so inclined, we understand and do not condemn. As a character in a movie recently said, "We're not everyone's cup of sunshine!" or to put it in more spiritual terms, not everyone is called to invest time and interest in every ministry. We trust the Lord will lead, guide and provide all that is needed for all of His kingdom work on earth!

​​ For all the glory and power is His, forever and ever. Amen.

Jerry and Bonnie


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