Bonnie Wallace Original Songs

From the CD He Rides

He Lives

Birds are singing in the tree tops

Frogs are croaking in the pond

Springtime has sprung again

All praise to the living God

He lives, I can see it

He lives, I can feel it

He lives, my heart knows this truth well

He lives, I can feel it

He lives, His Word declares it

He lives is the good news that I share

Lots of fun in the summer

There’s no time to be bored

Swimming in the heat and campfires

All praise to the Living Lord

Red and gold in the autumn

My, what a pretty sight

Storing all the fruit from the garden

All praise to the Lord of Light

Slippin’ and slidin’ in the winter

Oh, what fun when the snow falls

Icicles and evergreens

All praise to the Lord of all

He Lives

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